What is a Sunday Toolkit?

What is a Sunday toolkit? Thanks for asking! Our Sunday toolkit is the go to place for everything you need for a virtual Sunday morning at TLW. Below you’ll find a link to our Livestream service, weekly children’s ministry information, and more! You’ll also find a copy of our Weekly, which will give you all the information you need for upcoming connection opportunities. Finally there is a link to our “Joy Box” is which our way of giving and tithing here at The Living Well. Is this your first time checking out the Living Well? We’re happy you decided to stop in, and please fill out a Connection Card so we can connect with you? Have you been here many times and are looking to connect more, fill out a Connection Card too!

Thanks for sharing life with us!

This week at TLW

Scroll down to find our Weekly to find ways to go deeper and get connected at TLW!

TLW wants to raise the prayer bar at TLW! Our mission and our ministry require constant prayer. That means praying FOR one another, and it means praying WITH one another. One way to do this is join us Sunday Morning at 9:00am  in person for a time of prayer and reflection.  

Living Well Kids and Teens

TLW Children – This month we kick off the Mark Series along with the adults. We will be searching for the “treasures” of this book over the next few months. Our memory verse for the month is Mark 1:1. We look forward to an exciting adventure full of spiritual discovery!

Do you love Jesus and want others to know and love Him too?  Well, we have a spot just for you!  Our Living Well Kids rooms are in need of more volunteers.  You don’t need any special skills or previous experience to SHARE THE LIFE with our littlest members. And what’s more, you’ll be amazed at how God can use these little people to speak into your heart and into your life.  Ask jennifer@thelivingwellkzoo.org how you can get involved!

TLW Teens have their next D&D on January 28th at TLW from 6:00 p.m. to 8 p.m. Come for food, fellowship and great Biblical discussions. Teens are welcome to bring a friend, too.

We don’t pass offering plates at The Living Well, but we do invite you to support God’s work here.

Click on the JOY BOX button to give your tithes & offerings

Weekly Announcements


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