Who We Are

Stitch the Life is a crafting group at The Living Well. We hope to share the life found in Jesus by making and giving handmade items to those in need of warmth or encouragement. Items are made during virtual meetings on Zoom, physical meetings at the church, and whatever time people would like to craft on their own! If you would like to hear more from us or receive a craft kit, please let us know by submitting your email or other info here.
Gatherings: We meet twice a month to work on crafts, share materials, tools, and ideas, and enjoy fellowship with one another. Our meetings currently occur on Zoom on the first and third Saturdays of the month from 10am to 12pm. Here is the Zoom Meeting link. Materials and instruction are supplied! Making items to donate/gift can be done during or outside the gathering times, by people anywhere that has access to postal services, and by those of any age, skill level, or faith background. We also are happy to hear your recommendations of those who could be loved by receiving handmade items or craft materials! Please contact stitchthelife@thelivingwellkzoo.org if you’re interested.
We are collecting the following handmade items: 

  • warm winter accessories
  • clothing, such as sweaters and ponchos
  • any items, like mask savers, plushies, or lovies that can easily be shared with and loved by children
  • cloth or yarn flowers or other motifs to be sewn on items
  • 3″ yarn squares
  • 5″ yarn squares
  • 6″ x 4″ brightly-colored yarn rectangles
  • 7″ to 8″ squares

If you have one of these items to donate, please bring it to an in-person meeting or contact stitchthelife@thelivingwellkzoo.org to get more information and reimbursement for shipping.

Our Needs:

Connection- We need to know who in our community and world needs to be served. Do you have a family member who needs something to do with their hands and time? A new parent who could use some cute toys and encouragements? A not-so-new parent whose burden could be eased by having someone else set up an activity for their children? Other ideas of ways to serve? Contact stitchthelife@thelivingwellkzoo.org

Makers- We, obviously, need people to make items to distribute! This can be done with or without being present at our gatherings, by people anywhere in the world that has access to postal services, and by those of any age, skill level, or faith background. We also need people to spread the word to those who might be interested in making or could benefit from having an activity during this time. Materials and instruction are available for anybody who needs them.

Prayer- For God to bring those in need, both of worldly encouragement and support and of spiritual formation, to our attention
For genuine connections between those in need and those in a position to give
For stitchers of various ages, skill levels, faith backgrounds, and identities to come together in fellowship that glorifies God