Prayer Team

Who Are We?

Here at The Living Well we want everyone to be a part of the prayer ministry! We are all called to pray, whether in private, or with 2 or 3, or with the entire congregation. There are so many ways to pray and it can be done at any time. It is our hope to grow the prayer life of The Living Well to the point where everyone participates in the way that God made them to and in the places God put them to do it. Prayer is an amazing gift from God, through which we deepen our relationship with God, God guides us, and we intercede for others. We want everyone to open that gift and enjoy all its benefits. Our goal is to have anyone that visits The Living Well SEE that we are a church that prays and feel welcome to participate!


We want to raise the prayer bar at TLW! Our mission and our ministry require constant prayer. That means praying FOR one another, and it means praying WITH one another. If you are interested in engaging more in the prayer life at TLW, contact our prayer catalysts Erica Hemeren at and Chris Penning at