Global and Local Outreach

Who Are We?

“Sharing the Life” is a major part of The Living Well’s mission.  As the outreach team, it is our goal to carry out the love of Jesus and to “share the life” He’s given us, both globally and locally. For that reason we are the G.L.O. Team–Global and Local Outreach. It is our aim to share God’s love in real and tangible ways to the community outside our walls and throughout the global world. The first Tuesday of each month our GLO Team meets to plan new ways to serve those outside our church body. We recognize the mission of the church is bigger than our own congregation, actually extending across the world. To meet some of these needs, the GLO team plans periodic events that focus on different needs in our community and world.  Anyone with a heart to serve is invited to participate.  Please look for these events on the church website calendar. Every GLO Fourth event focuses on a different need in our world, and anyone with a heart to serve is invited to participate.