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The Living Well Church is looking for a Director of Family Ministries. This position is essential for helping us to encourage and equip families and individuals of all ages to carry out our vision to “find, celebrate and share” the real life of Jesus Christ in our everyday lives. The Living Well is a new worshiping community planted in 2018. We are a vibrant and highly relational group of disciples that is intent on investing our relationships for the sake of God’s glory and God’s kingdom. The person in this full-time position will be responsible for The Living Well’s family ministries and discipleship, leading by example in their life and witness.  They will be a passionate advocate for multiplying disciples, leaders, ministries and mission in Kalamazoo.

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Director of Family Ministries 

Position Description 

DATE: Position available immediately; to begin no later than September 1, 2021


The Director of Family Ministries will be a pastor and partner to parents at The Living Well in raising their families; they will support and supervise all staff and volunteers ministering to children and youth; they will develop and oversee an effective and comprehensive discipling / equipping ministry that encourages kingdom living, community outreach and service for all TLW members; they will be a strong advocate for multiplication and for the mission and vision of The Living Well—helping everyone find real life in Christ, celebrate that life in community and share the life with everyone.


The Director of Family Ministries is a fulltime salaried position


This person will be passionate about their love for God and others, and centered by a strong Christian faith and personal integrity.  This person will be committed to a historical reformed understanding of Scripture and to the Mission Statement and Core Values of The Living Well. This person will have a heart for discipleship for all ages and a demonstrated ability to disciple others to make disciples. This person will be a relational and approachable team player, ready to work together for the good of the church family, and be able to receive critical feedback. This person must have a servant heart, willing to serve the needs of the community “inside” and “outside” the walls. This person needs to be a catalyst for utilizing and developing gifts and talents in others, while continuing to grow in their faith.


  • A four-year degree is required, preferably with a biblical or ministry focus 
  • Prior ministry experience with children and families within a church context 
  • Ability to teach all ages, shepherd teams and speak publically
  • Understanding of and agreement with Reformed teachings and practices is preferred
  • Exceptional relational and team-building skills are essential
  • Demonstrated gifts in relational evangelism, outreach, missional work
  • Preaching & pastoral gifts and experience is desired
  • Writing skills, ability to communicate through printed and digital platforms


  1. Relational Ministry within and among The Living Well Church family
  • Develops meaningful friendships and community with TLW families
  • Participates fully in TLW social life as well as ministry-related or “job” activities
  • Is mindful of the newcomer, fringe-dweller, outcast or under-engaged at TLW 
  • Enthusiastically contributes to the spirit of love, joy, unity and purpose at TLW
  • Purposefully engages with those outside or detached from a church community

2. Partnership and Collaboration with TLW staff, teams and volunteers

  • Encourages and collaborates with Lead Pastor and other team leaders
  • Shares responsibilities and engages others to join in
  • Prays for team members, TLW concerns and opportunities
  • Is present and participating in all Staff and Leader Team meetings; regularly participates and contributes in worship services, ministry and mission gatherings

3. Developing and Overseeing Discipling Ministries – strategies, events & opportunities

  • Living well Kids (LWK)
  • Engage LWK volunteers through scheduled opportunities for discipling children during worship services, and through periodic training throughout the year
  • Facilitate a LWK curriculum that encourages and equips children, families, and volunteers to be on mission every day in their homes and communities
  • Build up, encourage and equip LWK staff and leadership to pursue their calling
  • Student Ministries
  • Develop future TLW student ministries strategy, activities and events
  • Work with key volunteers to establish ministry plan for 6th-8th 
  • Work with key volunteers to imagine future HS ministry plans 
  • Build and equip teams of Middle School & High School disciplers
  • Family / Adult Discipleship
  • Ensure safe, welcoming environment for families to grow together
  • Provide training & equipping for parents to disciple their own families
  • Encourage & equip Share the Life Groups and House Church leaders
  • Shepherd & support other adult disciplers (Men’s/Women’s groups, etc)
  • Help families integrate discipleship, outreach, prayer & worship into life
  • General 
  • Enforce all CAAPPS Child safety policies and procedures
  • Provide pastoral support to families and volunteers 
  • Develop / maintain budgets and resources for all discipleship areas


Staff members of TLW will maintain and respect all privileged, personal, and confidential information. 


This position reports directly to the Lead Pastor and is accountable to the governing body of The Living Well (Shepherds). They participate and partner with TLW Staff Team and TLW Leader Team.

*Initial 3-month review will be given with the Lead Pastor and stakeholder representatives from areas of family ministry. Formal annual reviews. conducted by the Shepherd Team, will be provided throughout the tenure of the position


To conduct oneself in a way that honors Jesus whether at home, on campus, in the community, at TLW events or participating with an online community.

Take responsibility for personal spiritual growth with spiritual disciplines of the Word, including: worship/gathering, prayer/fasting, service and tithing.

Work toward the Kingdom goal of making disciples – finding, celebrating & sharing real life in Christ 

and focus on the main/overall goal of walking with people through intentional discipleship.  

Continually seek ways to multiply: through Connections and Conversations in the world, and by engaging, equipping, and empowering others in ministry and leadership at The Living Well. 

Be involved with and/or lead a Share the Life Group.  This is an organic and purpose-filled part of who we are: teams built in all areas of ministry.

Be present and engaged at prayer times, staff and TEAM meetings, leadership trainings, Sunday mornings and other major events in the life of The Living Well.

Approach all things with a positive and encouraging attitude, love team members with forgiveness, courage and gentleness, practice direct and healthy communication, and contribute to a fun and creative environment for the good of all.