Cassandra Corning

Administrative Director


Cassandra serves as the Administrative Director at The Living Well.  She has always loved being creative and organizing events so she is excited for God to help her use her gifts in new ways for this ministry.  Cassandra enjoys working with people of all ages and she hopes to welcome, connect, and empower the people of The Living Well community. Cassandra is a graduate of Western Michigan University and has been an elementary school teacher for a number of years.  Most recently, she taught Kindergarten for the Portage Public Schools.

Cassandra and her husband, Josh, fell in love while they were worlds apart as Josh was serving in the Marine Corps.  They were married in 2010 and are blessed with four beautiful children. Levi enjoys exploring and loves to share any fact he can about animals.  Abriella and Raylea love to spend all of their free time painting and crafting. Little Jorie is trying to do everything she can to be like her siblings!  

Cassandra enjoys spending time with family, volunteering in her children’s classrooms, painting, baking and water skiing!

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